You still do not know how to call abroad for free? Then we go to you.

As you already know, communication is essential to building a successful business. This is especially true for Internet business, because. in this version of doing business, most of the senses remain unused (namely, tactile, tactile, charming, and often visual sensitivity).

As you can see, in order to start a long-term and stable relationship, you just need to use communication, or to be more precise, phone calls to your current and future partners.

At the word "Calls via the Internet" "Skype" immediately pops up.

I agree, calling through this program is simple and free, but on the condition that you call from computer to computer. Here the price depends only on the cost of your Internet.

If you try to call landlines or mobiles in other countries, I recommend you first find out the cost of calling via Skype.

I must warn you - you will not like the price much.

What is the way out?

Very simple - look for an alternative.

And I should please you - there is such an alternative. This program is Nonoh. Funny name, but the rates are just lovely.

See for yourself and draw your own conclusions (I give the most common call directions, but there are actually many more), the price is in cents:

Country Skype Nonoh
Australia 23 7
Austria 37 8
Azerbaijan 27 20
Armenia 27 13
Belgium 30 14
Bosnia 35 20
Bulgaria 31 2
Hungary 25 12
Haiti 28 21
Germany 28 10
Greece 42 10
Georgia 22 8
Denmark 28 10
Egypt 21 7
Israel 29 7
India 10 4
Spain 31 10
Italy 35 13
Kazakhstan 21 9
Latvia 22 10
Lithuania 22 5
USA 3 00
Japan 18 8

Among other things, the Nonoh program has another great bonus.

After replenishing your account with 5 USD, you get the opportunity to make free calls to landlines in 50 countries of the world for 2 months.

With a larger amount, the time of free calls also increases.

Isn't that a reason to call abroad through the Nonoh program? Think about this question.

In the next post, I will explain in detail how to download, set up and deposit money into a calling account through the Nonoh program.


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