How to install a program for cheap calls?

You already know that there is such a wonderful program with a funny name - Nonoh.

Now it's time to install this program and start using it.

The very first thing is to go to the official website and click on the Download link.
On the page that opens, click the Download NONOH link.

In the window that appears, confirm the download by clicking the "Save file" button.

After the program has been downloaded, run it, go through all the necessary installation steps and that's all - now the program is installed on your computer.

When you launch the program for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account in this program (your personal account on the site will be automatically created).

Then the program will check your Internet connection speed and at the end, if everything goes well, you should see the main window of the Nonoh program.

At the bottom of the program there is a field where you can enter the number you need and thus call landlines and mobile phones.

Now let's go through the program itself, through its bookmarks.

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The first tab is Info. It displays the number of recorded contacts, the balance of the account and the number of days for free calls.

The second tab - Contacts - here I think everything is clear - a list of your contacts.

The third tab - Keyboard - should not be a problem here either - this is a virtual keyboard.

The fourth tab - Phone2Phone - let's consider in more detail.

When you call using this program on a mobile phone, the interlocutor will have an inscription like this - "The number is not defined."

If you want to make a call from your mobile number, you indicate this number in the upper box, and the phone number you are calling in the box below it.

After pressing the call button, you will receive an incoming call on your mobile, after which the program will dial the phone of the interlocutor and connect you with him.

Those. You seem to be calling from your own number, but you pay for an international call at the rates of the Nonoh program.

It's great, right?

But there is a little catch here - such a call will be a little more expensive, because. The program connects 2 directions. Which is why the cost goes up.

The last two bookmarks of the program - SMS and History - Sending SMS and viewing dialed numbers - I think you will deal with them yourself.

Now, in order for you to make calls, you need to top up your account in the Nonoh program.

But how to do this, we will consider in the next note.


How to install a program for cheap calls?

How to increase the balance?


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